Task 3

Customer journey map

Some sketches from MoMA


  1. Taxi (late for field trip to MoMA)
  2. Information desk + Show ID card + get a ticket (Anymore new school student?)
  3. Meet History of Modern Art professor and she announced the today’s task (1.  Go to 3rd floor and see Picasso:Guitars1912-1914)  (2.  Go to 5th floor and see Piet Mondrian’s work and find other constructivists’ work)
  4. Stairs + Escalator (dark light + gloomy atmosphere)
  5. On the 3rd floor and there was no indication of Picasso exhibition(Lost)
  6. In a hallway + First description of exhibition +No photography (restricted + little annoying)
  7. Enter + dimming light(dark) + weird smell and need fresh air + echo of other visitors’ sound makes me dizzy (closed space)
  8. Professor came + explanation about show (about Picasso’s technique and materials –Procedures)
  9. Enjoy the exhibition + however artwork’s description was so small and light was dart + hard to read the description (more bright light such as “Optical fiber light” can be the solution)
  10. On the 5th floor (bright light + fresh air) + crowded with people especially children + vivid, cheerful, more liberal atmosphere

Stakeholder diagram

Persona development diagram/text

Customer experience map-before

Customer experience map-after

Story board

60 second Video

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